It’s been years since I left.
And now my returning turns out to be so late
Because my Godfather has already left

Indeed it takes a second to like
An hour to love
But an entire lifetime to forget

Because you have always been there on the lead.
Through my dark and lighter days.
But we all forgot that a doctor doesn’t treat himself

And that’s why it has now turned out to be like this.
Each day you were always against drugs.
But now they have become your daily drug.
You were always against fame and fake friends.
And education was you greatest friend.
But now fake friends have turned out to be your greatest friend.

My Godfather, you have always wanted an academic life.
And a prospering work.
But it seems that all you dreams were burned just the way you burn that cigarettes,
Because that academic life has turned out to an academy lifeguard.

I heard you were only a first year student
But currently you look like a last year candidate with no success.
Each day I wonder why life turns out to ruthless.
Because it gave someone to transform my life and that someone transforms to have my values
Or is this the way we usually give back to the society?
And if it is I wish to bring back the people in my society.
To be continued…

Episode 1


By Mr Jay

poets Edition

Published by mrjaytheegamer

Poet,shortstorywriter and a public speaker Kenyascout troop leader

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